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What makes us Canadian?      We use eh! a lot…..

Ask anyone who hears that familiar “eh” at the end of a sentence. “You must be Canadian.” True, we do find ourselves adding the “eh” at the end of sentences. Canadians are famous for it. Perhaps that is what drew us to use this expression in our namesake. We are the Canadian EH Society. It is short for The Canadian Explorations Heritage Society. Now, that sounds like a mouthful so we shortened the “Explorations Heritage” part and took a play on the familiar Canadian “eh”. Makes it easier to look us up under Canadian EH.

Here we announce our launch as a non-profit organization. After a successful expedition in 2016 and documentary film tour and photography exhibition we saw a real interest from audiences. This gave us the drive to continue on with bigger and bolder projects.


Our Bigger Goal

Our aim is to raise awareness the rich history afforded to us by early Canadian explorers. We continue this tradition by going into the wilds and sharing the stories that make up part of Canada’s history. Many Canadians may not even know the names of these notable men and women.

The adventures we re-create are authentic, complete with period specific gear and clothing as well as the technology of the day. We capture these stories through documentary films. By touring the films and speaking about our experiences we are able to connect with Canadians in a very personal way. History seems to come alive.


The next adventure is July 2018 to Mystery Mountain.

Follow the team as they recreate the explorations of Don and Phyllis Munday with their party in 1926. The team will spend 5 weeks in the wild and go through numerous challenges. Learn more here. 


Ways you can be part of this exciting new adventure.

(follow the links to find out how)

  1. Become a member of Canadian EH Society here and get all the perks and insights into the exciting behind the scenes action.
  2. Make a big impact and help fund the expedition by making a donation which will help with gear acquisition.
  3. You can help us by volunteering your time in the planning, preparation or promotion of the project.
  4. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
  5. Talk to your friends, family, co-workers, the lunch-lady about us and share our images and stories.
  6. Sign up for our newsletter to get news right into your inbox.
  7. Buy our swag, T-shirts and other limited edition items.
  8. Invite us to your community to speak and screen our films.
  9. Partner with us for promotional and business opportunities.
  10. Join one of our upcoming expedition teams or support crew.

We’re so excited that we’ve formed a living-breathing organization. One that we fully know is made up of dynamic, interesting and passionate people. We are building our staff and expertise. We are focused on ambitious new projects. The Canadian EH Society is here and we certainly hope you will be part of it.

After all you are Canadian eh!


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