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Our members

Our members are a varied lot, with a few things in common; we won’t settle for the ordinary, living day-in-and-out without a thrill thrown in here and there. We long to feel what life was like, back in the day and on the trail, in the camp and up a mountain. We are explorers living at a time when there seems to be no untouched place to explore. But we are innovative, and will find a new way to satisfy our curiosity. We travel back in time and re-create historical journeys in our great land.

We live the experience, because we don’t ask why, but rather why not?


Join us! Your membership allows Canadian EH Society to continue offering new adventures and ways to explore.


By becoming a member you get: 

  • Access to participate in the Society’s expeditions and projects
  • Ongoing news and updates on current projects and their development
  • To learn about the people who first explored this land, what they did, where they went
  • To discover old technologies in how to camp, eat and live in the wilderness
  • Knowledge that you are bringing Canadian history to life through the experiential story of our explorers
  • A behind-the-scenes view of our adventurers
  • A free copy of our documentary films
  • Invitations and discounts to our fundraising dinners and events held in various cities
  • And most importantly, to count yourself as an intrepid explorer!

Become part of an exciting new genre of outdoor activity in Canada!

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Membership fees are $20 annually.

Follow the 2 step process to join.
1) Complete the form below with your information. If you are already a member or have been a member in the past year, you can skip to the payment button below to Renew membership.
2) Click on the “buy now” button to make the payment through Paypal or with your credit card. Renewing members can click on the Renew Memberhship button.

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