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Up next the expedition team will be doing a training weekend at Bon Echo. Testing gear, working as a team and planning the last details before we fly off to Vancouver for July 1. Stay tuned on facebook for behind the scenes images.


  THANK YOU TO ALL OUR BACKERS with the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The campaign has ended but you can still donate to the Mystery Mountain Project. Follow the link here. And send us a quick note to claim your desired perks. We still need funds!!!!


Who we are

The Canadian Explorations Heritage Society is a federally registered charitable organization. For fun we call ourselves The Canadian EH Society. Really, we are a bunch of Canadians that are passionate about the great outdoors. We believe in the natural legacy of Canada. We also love the stories of the early exploits into the wilds by mountaineers and other adventurers. It is amazing what they were able to accomplish without complete maps or equipment as we have today.


Our mission

We are on a mission to raise awareness about the rich history afforded to us by early Canadian explorers. We continue this tradition by going into the wilds and sharing the stories that make up part of Canada’s history.

Bold explorers, both men and women, journeyed through wild lands pushing their limits through difficult terrain. They went on quests of discovery, empowered by a spirit of adventure and a love of nature. They accomplished incredible feats of physical and mental stamina. Often enduring the harshest conditions and climates, they traveled further afield than most. They did so to further scientific, geological and cartographic knowledge.

The achievements of these explorers form an enduring part of Canada’s heritage, and the lives and stories of these early adventurers form the cultural backbone of this great land.


Our goal

Our goal is to follow in the footsteps of notable expeditions. By re-creating these first forays into the wilderness we live the experience of what it must have been like for them. Venturing into unknown territory, they overcame numerous challenges with imagination, creativity, daring and courage. These are our Canadian stories, and we want to make them as tangible as possible for all Canadians.

The adventures we re-create are authentic, complete with period specific gear and clothing as well as the technology of the day. We capture these stories through documentary films and photographic exhibitions. By touring the films and speaking about our experiences we are able to connect with Canadians in a very personal way. History seems to come alive.




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We are looking for people to join as members. We are rapidly growing and as more partners come on board we can offer more perks. However, we think that hanging out with adventurous people is a perk in itself. Become a member today.

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We are happy to come to your organization or event to speak about our projects and present our documentary films. We believe that these Canadian stories need to be told. Our expedition teams have a unique understanding of how the early explorers must have felt and what they endured. Contact us with your specific needs.

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Help Fund an Expedition

Expeditions are marvels of logistics, gear acquisition, food preparation, permits, transportation, and a myriad of other details. They don’t happen without many hours of volunteered time and dedication from our members. We seek partnerships and sponsors to help fund the costs. We also turn to ordinary Canadians to help us achieve our goals.

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The next expedition in 2018

Find out about our upcoming expedition. The Mystery Mountain Project in 2018.

Five weeks in the Waddington Range with a team of six in 1926 gear and equipment.

climbing Kain glacier
Photo © Ivan Petrov
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