The Peace River Expedition 1793


Courtesy of the National Gallery of Canada


In 1793 The North West Company’s Alexander Mackenzie began a remarkable journey of exploration from Fort Forks on the Peace River in Alberta through the Rocky Mountains to the Fraser River in British Columbia. From there, with the help of local Indigenous peoples, MacKenzie and his party of nine men and one dog, travelled by land to Bella Coola, an inlet on the Pacific Ocean.


They were the first white Europeans to cross the North American continent north of Mexico, eight years before Louis and Clark’s famous expedition. By cooperating with the first Nations peoples they encountered, and avoiding hostile nations, MacKenzie never lost a single member of his party.

The inscription MacKenzie made on a rock at Bella Coola.
Photo by John Harvey
Many people have heard about Louis and Clark in the United States, but few are aware of the Peace River expedition led by Alexander Mackenzie which preceded them. Our aim is to tell these Canadian stories so that all Canadians can share in their heritage.


The Expedition Route

In 2026 we will help Canadians learn about the incredible feat which MacKenzie and his companions accomplished by re-enacting his journey, using a voyageur canoe, muskets, and 18th century clothing and equipment. Like MacKenzie, we will partner with local First Nations communities along the way, building friendships and celebrating their culture.

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