Stories of Inspiring Female Adventurers Shine in Canadian EH Society’s 5th Anniversary Book and Film Tour

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November 3, 2021 – Canadian-Croatian author Susanna Oreskovic launches her debut book, Expedition to Mystery Mountain: Adventures of a Bushwhacking, Knickerbocker-wearing Woman. The new book was released October 5, through an independent publisher, Walnut Tree Press, and is available worldwide through Amazon Books.

A blend of rugged adventure, woven with Canadian history and a well-crafted memoir captivates readers, leaving them feeling as if they had bushwhacked alongside her—and perhaps are contemplating new adventures of their own.

Offering a female centric narrative to the conquest theme found in much of adventure literature, the author explains, “I’m sharing my experience of this arduous expedition to inspire readers to think differently about their own mountain.”

Oreskovic is a member of the Canadian Explorations Heritage Society (or Canadian EH Society for short), a niche group of eccentric outdoor adventurers, whose passion is to share inspiring stories of wilderness explorers of the past. Susanna has actively led a chapter of the Alpine Club of Canada, is a climber, and a published photographer. Though her professional practice and three kids keep her busy she has taken on restoring vintage cameras in her free time. 

The Society brings history to life through purely experiential methods: teams go into the wilderness in the same way the original explorers did, with hand-stitched canvas tents, period clothing, hobnail boots and hemp rope – artifacts of the bygone golden age of exploration. Add to this a handful of century-old camping recipes, a restored 1921 Kodak camera and a remote destination, and you have a typical Canadian EH Society expedition. 

With the support from the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and the outdoor community, the Canadian EH Society has to date released two documentaries in partnership with Montreal-based filmmaker Greg Gransden. The first award-winning film Hobnails and Hemp Rope documented the centennial of the 1916 first ascent of B.C.’s Bugaboo Spire by Conrad Kain. The most recent film, The Mystery Mountain Project, retraced the 1926 route of Don and Phyllis Munday in search of what is known today as Mount Waddington. The latter film is streaming in Canada on Amazon Prime as it continues its international film festival tour across the US, the UK, Germany, Poland, Croatia and Russia. 

“As the Society prepares to celebrate its fifth anniversary in 2022, it’s a tremendous pleasure to expand our audience beyond documentary films and public talks and now have an offering for Canada’s reading public,” notes Society’s incoming President Ivan Petrov. All activities of the Society, its films and the new book have the primary goal of raising awareness of Canada’s early explorers and adventurers. Petrov adds: “As a federally-registered educational charity we are extremely fortunate to be partnering with Canada’s talented filmmakers, photographers and authors to bring to light important milestones in Canada’s wilderness and exploration heritage.” 

This November, the Society invites B.C.’s history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts and would-be adventurers to the first leg of their anniversary Mystery Mountain Project film and book tour:

The e-book is available electronically to the media upon request. Susanna Oreskovic and Bryan Thompson are available for virtual and in-person media interviews. 

Film poster and stills, expedition and archival photos available upon request.

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Link to the film trailer:

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