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Book: Expedition to Mystery Mountain: Adventures of a Bushwhacking Knickerbocker-wearing Woman (Author signed copy)


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What’s it like to be an intrepid explorer . . . and a woman?
Expedition to Mystery Mountain is a come-along adventure of a city-dwelling woman who, with five fellow climbers, re-enacts the route first explored by Don and Phyllis Munday in 1926, to Mount Waddington, the highest peak of British Columbia’s Coast Mountains. Outfitted with vintage hobnail boots, fifty-pound wood-frame packs, and only antique ice axes for safety, the one woman on the team feels the larger-than-life legacy left by Phyllis who was all the more remarkable considering women were hardly seen far from their home. She wonders if she can be as fearless and as tough as Phyllis was,
Written to provide an alternative adventure narrative to the conquest theme that permeates much of mountaineering literature, the author explains, “I’m sharing my experience of this ambitious expedition in the hopes of inspiring readers to think differently about their own mountain.” 
Illustrated with photographs from the Mundays’ original voyage and its modern re-enactment, Expedition to Mystery Mountain is a visual feast that will take you back in time.